• Bar-On, Dan

    Dan Bar-On was born in 1938 in Haifa to parents who had left Nazi Germany in 1933. He was a member of a Kibbutz (Revivim) in so[Read more]

  • Kağıtçıbaşı, Çiğdem

    Çiğdem Kağıtçıbaşı (1940-2017) was a social, cross-cultural and developmental psychologist who played a significant rol[Read more]

  • Codol, Jean-Paul

    Codol started his undergraduate studies in sociology but, owing to the influence of Claude Flament, he completed them in social[Read more]

  • Jaspars, Jos

    Jos Jaspars was born on March 16th, 1934 in Maastricht (The Netherlands). He started to study psychology at Leiden University i[Read more]

People: Berlin 

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