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EASP: Questions & Issues 

The Association and Languages

by Eddy Van Avermaet

Language does not seem to be a hot issue nowadays—English comes natural to most of us—but it is important to recognize that such was not always the case. As mentioned earlier, during the very first conferences preceding the actual foundation of the Association most of the papers presented were in English, but some were in French. And when the …

The Name of the Association

by Eddy Van Avermaet

In 2008 the Association decided to change its name from the European Association of Experimental Social Psychology (EAESP) to the European Association of Social Psychology (EASP). What’s in a name? some might feel. Why did it take so long? others might think. It is interesting to observe that the issue of the name of the Association is in fact not …

Membership Issues

by Eddy Van Avermaet

Affiliate Membership In the early years of the Association membership was restricted to European social psychologists, whereby—according to the original Standing Orders—Europe was deemed to refer to a geographical area. Given the context in which the Association was created and given the goals set for the Association this decision was perfectly …

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