• Recollections of the 1967 Louvain Summer Institute

    In their comprehensive account of the formation and development of the European Association of (Experimental) Social Psychology[Read more]

  • Early Activities: Publications

    In his 1969 presidential report, Moscovici wrote: “The Executive Committee estimates that the diffusion of European social ps[Read more]

  • Early Activities: Summer Schools

    Reading what Moscovici and Tafjel wrote about the early summer schools (The Hague in 1965 and Leuven in 1967) leaves one with t[Read more]

  • Early Activities: Visits and Meetings

    The addresses held by the first two presidents of the Association, Serge Moscovici and Henri Tajfel, at the end of their term [Read more]

  • The Frascati Conference: The Second Step

    To carry out the intentions formulated at the end of the Sorrento Conference early in 1964 the Planning Committee and Lanzetta[Read more]

EASP: Foundation 

Formalising the Association

First GM 1969
by Eddy Van Avermaet

As said earlier, during the business meeting of the Royaumont Conference the first Executive Committee was asked to prepare the bylaws of the newly formed Association in the form of Articles and Standing Orders. The task was as signed to an ad hoc committee consisting of two members of the Executive Committee and five ‘ordinary’ members of the ...

The Royaumont Conference: The Third and Definitive Step

by Eddy Van Avermaet

This third conference was unique, not so much because of the beautiful setting in which it took place (the Abbaye de Royaumont), but more so because—quoting the report of the conference—“it marked the first exclusively European effort to organize, finance, and conduct a major international meeting in experimental social psychology.” In effect, ...

The Frascati Conference: The Second Step

Planning Committee
by Eddy Van Avermaet

To carry out the intentions formulated at the end of the Sorrento Conference early in 1964 the Planning Committee and Lanzetta wrote a formal ‘Proposal for Contributions to the Development of Experimental Social Psychology in Europe,’ which they submitted to the Transnational Social Psychology Committee for financial support. This Committee, ...

The Sorrento Conference: The First Step

Imperial Hotel
by Eddy Van Avermaet

In 1962 John Lanzetta, while on sabbatical in London as a liaison scientist of the Group Psychology Branch of the Office of Naval Research (ONR), and having traveled to various universities across Europe, was struck by the observation of the limited presence of theory-based work that made use of solid research methods. Most of what went on was ...


by Eddy Van Avermaet

In the late 1940’s UNESCO had held a plea for a progressive internationalization of the social sciences. Cross-national comparative research and the foundation of international social science organizations were viewed as major instruments in this regard. In the spirit of this plea in the 1950’s an initial attempt was made at bringing social …

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