The Legacy of European Social Psychology

An online compendium of ideas, schools and people in the field of Social Psychology

Social Psychology in Europe

In Europe Social Psychology took of mid of the 20th century. The history of the discipline is closely interwoven with the history of the European Association of Social Psychology. Over the decades, the foci of the discipline changed, and theories have come and gone. This website aims to provide a space to document achievements and ideas that have evolved together with the people that put them forward, and the schools where research blossomed and still blossoms.

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Given that research happens in numerous formal institutions and informal networks, every Social Psychologist has expertise about the ideas, schools, and people that are part of the history of Social Psychology. Therefore, we invite everyone, who self-defines as a Social Psychologist, to consider writing contributions about ideas or theories, schools, or people in Social Psychology. We explicitly invite everyone who can tell a story about one aspect of the discipline – explicitly not restricted to the contents and developments documented in textbooks and review articles. We are also interested in thoughts and streams that had a national or regional impact, but that have never or not yet made it to being internationally discussed. Please contribute!

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